Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Checkpoint 303 - crossing boundaries -- New Internationalist Blog

Checkpoint 303 - crossing boundaries -- New Internationalist Blog

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  1. Dear Louise,

    my name is Olmo Reverter and I'm a photographer. I recently applied for the Young Photographers Alliance mentoring program that runs this summer for which they chose four students within the UK, and they chose me as one of the mentees. For this project I'm looking to meet ex-city workers who were made redundant during the recession and that somehow have found a path to a more fulfilling career or lifestyle.
    I came across one of your articles in the The Telegraph (Nov 23, 2008) that talked about City workers that turned into gardening. I was hoping you could help me on how to contact such subjects.
    Is there any way you could put me in touch with ex-city workers that might be interested on collaborating with this project?

    Unfortunately I'm quite tight with time (the deadline for the project is for the end of August), so any help, contacts or advise that you could provide would be very much appreciated.

    The projects will be exhibited in London, New York and Canada to start with; it will also be published in a book, and in some Sunday papers.

    "Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program

    This year's theme is "Answering Adversity". The world is facing economic
    hardship not seen since the Great Depression in America. Unemployment, home foreclosures, loss of savings/retirement are leaving communities, businesses, families and individuals struggling to cope.

    Each student is to identify and photograph a subject based on the theme to produce a minimum of three powerful images and a short essay. You are to be encouraged to explore the theme from your own vantage point and shooting style. All forms of photography are allowed; portraiture, reportage, landscape, architectural, etc.

    Our Mentoring Program

    The purpose of the Young Photographers Alliance mentoring program is to provide encouragement and assistance to young photographers entering the field, through a project that explores the power of photography to communicate, document and inspire. The
    program gives emerging photographers the ability to work with successful photographers to fine tune their craft, create images for their portfolios, develop business and skills and explore markets for their work. At the same time they experience the power of photography
    to build community awareness and support around an important environmental or social issue.
    This summer the mentoring programme will span ten cities in the US, Canada, and England, working to one creative brief, “Answering Adversity” The mentoring teams will create compelling photographic projects, each with a unique viewpoint, which will be
    exhibited and published internationally. Award winning reportage photographers Justin Sutcliffe ( and Vicki Couchman ( will be YPA UKʼs inaugural mentors."

    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Olmo Reverter
    +44(0)77 276 400 89